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Custom Animal Housing for Sale to Keep Your Furry Friends Safe and Comfortable

Whether you're looking for a convenient shelter for your horses, a complete chicken coop package, or want a quality shelter for man's best friend, Stoltzfus Woodworks offers exceptional animal housing for your every need!

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What Type of Animal Housing Do You Need?

Like people, animals have limits when being out in the direct sun. They deserve somewhere to get out of the weather and feel comfortable while they refresh themselves and rest up before they go out again! That's why we offer many animal shelters to suit all the animals in your life.

Horse Barn

Horse Barns

Give your horses the shelter they deserve with a quality horse barn. Featuring a Quaker-style roof with overhang and 30-year shingles, and all-wood construction, our horse barns come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. Outfit your horse barn with an optional tack room to store feed or riding gear. Choose from painted Duratemp or Board & Batten siding. Horse barns come with a covered kickboard for durability and safety.

Run-In Shed

Run In Sheds

The perfect shelter for grazing horses, our run-in sheds offer as-needed protection from sudden rain or other inclement weather. Our run-in sheds are available in various sizes to accommodate a single horse or multiple horses. They feature a built-in kickboard for durability and horse safety. All-wood construction, a Quaker-style roof with overhang, and Duratemp painted siding are all standard features on our line of quality run-in sheds.

Chicken Coop

Chicken Coops

Packed with everything you need to raise happy and healthy chickens, our chicken coops are a convenient option for chickens of all kinds, from those on the farm to backyard egg layers providing for a single family. Featuring all-wood construction, our 5x6 chicken coops are perfect for up to 10 chickens and come standard with a Quaker-style roof, nesting boxes with exterior access, two windows, wood roosting bars, chicken door with convenient ramp and glass board flooring for easy clean-out. All chicken coops are built with Duratemp-painted siding.

Dog Kennel

Dog Kennels

While your dog might love time outside, napping in a sunny spot, playing with the family, or on the hunt, they should have somewhere to rest their heads and take shelter from the weather outside. Give your pet, working, or hunting dogs a place to call home with a variety of dog kennels and runs from Stoltzfus Woodworks. Our dog kennels are available in sizes from 6'x10' or 8'x10' and beyond, and feature all-wood construction, A-frame style roofing, and quality chain-link fencing for secure all-weather protection your dog will appreciate. What's better than knowing your favorite furry friend is safe outside?

What Are Some Benefits of Buying An Animal House?

If you need something standard, like an outdoor bunny house, or something unique, like a structure for a cat that loves to hang out in your backyard, there are many benefits to owning an animal house for your favorite four-legged creatures.

1. Protection from the elements: Outdoor animal houses can protect from harsh weather conditions, such as hot sun or heavy rain, keeping your pets dry and comfortable. They're also great for your animals in case of sudden weather, like a burst of an unexpected rainstorm!

2. Safety from predators: Depending on where you live, there may be predators that pose a threat to your pets. An outdoor pet house can provide a secure enclosure to protect your furry friends from foes.

3. Space and privacy: If you have multiple animals or just one that needs some alone time, an outdoor house can provide a separate space for them to relax and feel safe. Think about life with multiple dogs. A doghouse can help keep them happy and friendly with one another while they run around outside!

4. Increase Their Physical Activity: By keeping a structure outside for your animals, you give them the freedom to explore the outdoors and stop to rest in between running around the yard or playing with the kids. Having an outdoor resting place for breaks helps keep them excited about being active longer, increasing their physical activity and helping to keep them healthy. And then, when you're ready to go inside, or put them back into their shelter for the night, they will have had plenty of time outdoors!

Need Help Paying for Your Animal Home?

When searching for animal housing for sale, you might hesitate because you are thinking about how you'll be able to pay for a new structure. There's great news for you, however! We offer two methods through RTO National to help you pay for our animal housing for sale. Try our financing option if you can't pay for your structure outright. And if you are interested in a lease option, we can help with that too. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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Stop Looking for Animal Housing for Sale – Get a Structure from Stoltzfus Woodworks

Whether you want something custom for your favorite pooch or hope to get a standard horse stall for your horses, you deserve to work with the best woodworkers. When you work with Stoltzfus Woodworks, you'll find that all our structures are high quality, built to last, and will keep your animals protected and comfortable outside. Stop searching for the perfect animal housing for sale; you've already found it! Contact us today to get started!

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