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Tired of the Big Box Stores' Limited Options? Choose a Professional Shed Manufacturer Instead!

Perhaps your collection of lawn equipment is getting a little too big for your garage, or maybe you've been trying to rearrange your closet storage space better to accommodate the winter clothing of your growing family. You've got plenty of room for a shed in your yard, but you're not satisfied with the poor-quality options from the big box stores. You need a shed manufacturer that understands the importance of high-quality materials and can customize the structure to your unique needs. You need Stotlzfus Woodworks!

2 Story Barn

At Stoltzfus Woodworks, we have been manufacturing custom sheds, garages, and animal structures for over 32 years. We sell our quality buildings all along the east coast from Boston to Virginia. Headquartered in Lancaster, PA, Stoltzfus Woodworks is a second generation family-owned and operated business.

When you are ready to add a high-quality structure to your home for storage and want something visually appealing to your neighbors and guests, a shed by Stoltzfus Woodworks can be just the feature you're dreaming of owning. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

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Why Choose Stoltzfus Woodworks?

Maybe you're tempted to buy a DIY shed kit because of its attractive pricing and convenience. Or you may find some shed manufacturers offer unbelievably low prices for their pre-made structures, but those structures aren't customized for your needs and may be cheap because of poor-quality materials that won't hold up for long. Don't choose one of those sheds or settle for anything less than a sturdy, reliable structure to function as your storage shed or garage.

When you decide on a structure from the shed builders at Stoltzfus Woodworks, you know you are getting a fully customized, high-quality shed built from the best materials available. We have over three decades of experience crafting structures for families like yours. We will work with you to give you a personalized design that meets your every need, whether you are looking for something small to keep your tools or something larger for more significant lawn equipment and everything in between.


A shed is a structure that can have multiple purposes throughout its life. A shed that can accommodate all your current needs and those that might come up in the future needs to be well-built and sturdy. Because of this requirement, you want a design made with quality materials by a shed builder who truly cares for their craft.

Our experienced craftsmen take pride in creating attractive, affordable buildings with tons of features, exceptional convenience, and functionality. Whether you want a storage shed, a detached garage for your home, or a place to keep your gardening tools, we build our structures to last the test of time. Choose from various shed and garage styles to match your outdoor decor.

2 Story AFrame Garage
A-Frame Vinyl Elite Shed


You want your shed to match your home's aesthetic as much as possible. All our buildings can be completely customized to suit your needs and the look you're going for, so you will always get a structure you love when you work with us. Feel free to ask about different window and door placement or color options, even if they may be unlike what you see in our gallery photos.

We can accommodate almost any configuration and are capable of adding elements of the shed in an unconventional place if that's what you're envisioning. Plus, we offer a variety of custom doors, more oversized windows, loft space options, decorative cupolas, window vanes, ramps, and much more to make your shed or garage truly your own.


It's easy to find a shed kit at a big box store, but those kits contain lesser quality materials, and manufacturers mass-produce them to satisfy many customers at once. Unfortunately, this impersonal approach taken by some shed manufacturers means that you are getting a structure that won't last or will fall apart at the first sign of bad weather. This inferior quality doesn't offer the protection you need for the things you want to store. Plus, these structures can cause other issues and cost you more in the long run if you try to patch or repair their problems.

At Stoltzfus Woodworks, quality is always our top priority. We want your shed to be an investment for your home, not another problem to add to your to-do list. That's why we only use premium-quality lumber, hardware, and shingles to build our quality sheds, garages, and animal structures. We make our sheds last for generations and back them with our quality guarantee!

12x16 Vinyl Hip Roof Shed

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Our Custom Shed Builder App

Are you curious about what your dream shed might look like when you purchase from us? We have a custom shed builder app to help you visualize the color scheme you hope to incorporate into your building. Click through assorted colors for roof, siding, trim, and doors to determine what you like best!

Ready to Own the Shed of Your Dreams?

There's nothing like the satisfaction you can get from a well-organized home. Having a shed in your yard can create that extra storage space you need to accomplish that organization or create an opportunity for you to expand on a hobby. Because we are a shed manufacturer that cares about the structures we build, you can rest assured that the shed you get from us will be a high-quality piece you can rely on for years. Contact us today to get the shed of your dreams!

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